Consultation meeting held between Natrium Energy and Shaoxing Binhai New Area Management Committee

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    On the afternoon of July 31, 2019, Natrium Energy and Binhai New Area Management Committee held a high-level consultation meeting. Zhang Lifeng, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, Xu Xuechao, from the Bureau of Talent and Science and Technology, Mao Qichao, from the Bureau of Economic Development, and Che Haiying, Ma Zifeng and Liao Jianping, from Natrium Energy, attended the meeting.
    Ma Zifeng gave a description of the research direction and advantages of sodium-ion batteries. He analyzed in detail the status of the industry, the achievements of the company and the joint R&D center, and the overall planning for the next step, especially the construction of base.
Director Zhang Lifeng said that the Management Committee fully supports the work of Natrium Energy and the joint R&D center. He pointed out that the development of the base needs to be planned in advance, and the future development of the second and third phases should be taken into account. He emphasized that all departments should always pay attention to the demand of Natrium Enerrgy and create a good service for enterprises.
    In addition to the staged work report, the meeting played a close relationship between government and enterprises, enabling the locals to understand the development direction and overall planning of Natrium Energy.



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