Natrium Energy team invited to visit new energy enterprises in Jinhua for cooperation

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    At the invitation of Jinhua City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, on June 28, 2019, our technical team went to Jinhua City to inspect new energy companies and visited Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Hengyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. We had deep exchanges with the Jinhua Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Technology Commission and other departments, as well as some new energy vehicle companies, especially on the development and application of sodium-ion battery and battery system integration technology.Through effective cooperation, we can better helpthe development of local energy industry.


    Dr. HaiyingChe, Chairman of Zhejiang Natrium Energy Co., Ltd., Chief Scientist Professor ZifengMa, System Engineering Manager KeYang, Jinhua Youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Kangdi Vehicle Co., Ltd., Zero Run Automobile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yinglun Automobile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Garden New Energy Co., Ltd., YiwuGeely Engine Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shibao Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Dongli Tools Co., Ltd. and Chaorong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. participated in discussionof the project.


    Before the meeting, Prof. Ma Zifeng was invited to give lecture on the eighth session of “Jiufeng Lecture” and introduced the history of technology development in the automotive industry, the core of automotive power systems, vehicle energy storage technology, and the topic of “From Petrochemical to New Energy Vehicle Technology”.


    He combined his own research experience, focused on the development history of China's new energy vehicle power system, and explained the technical characteristics and development prospects of power lithium battery, fuel cell, fuel-electric hybrid, hydrogen-electric hybrid and other vehicle power systems.


    At the same time, he gave a brief introduction to the replacement policy of lead-acid batteries usedin low-speed electric vehicles and the new generation of sodium-ion battery technology.



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