Natrium Energy holds team building meeting in Liyang, Jiangsu

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    In order to enhance team cohesion and clarify the plan of development for Natrium Energy, our team building meeting was held in Liyang City, Jiangsu Province on May 10-11, 2019.


    on the morning of May 10, all members of the team were invited to visit the Tianmu Lake Advanced Energy Storage Technology Research Institute. Vice President XiaoyuLiu gave a detailed introduction to the development planning, organizational structure and service platform of the Tianmu Lake Advanced Energy Storage Technology Research Institute. Director Yu Ren of the Institute's Process Engineering Center introduced the basic situation of HiNa Battery Co., Ltd. in sodium-ion battery technology research and development, engineering and demonstration projects. Later, accompanied by President Liu and others, we visited the sodium-ion battery manufacturing base, research institute, test analysis center and failure analysis center of HiNa Battery, which left a deep impression on all members of the team. After the visit, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on testing equipment sharing, scientific research cooperation, etc., and made preliminary communication on the establishment of the sodium-ion battery industry alliance. We hope that Natrium Energy and HiNa Battery will join hands and become the leader in the sodium-ion battery industry in China.


    On the afternoon of May 10th, the first meetingforteam building work was held in the hotel conference room. The meeting was chaired by Chairman HaiyingChe. The chief scientist Professor ZifengMa introduced the overall planning and phased tasks and development objectives. Dr. Jianping Liao, Technical Director, introduced the development ofengineering technology and process optimization objectives of cathode materials. Everyone expressed their opinions on the company's development planning, product development, and marketing plans, and finally unified their understanding and goals. During the meeting, everyone discussed and revised the company's “Employee Handbook” (first edition) in detail. Finally, all employees viewed this meeting as the starting point to work together, to do their job well, and to achieve the development goals of the company, and share the richness.


    On the morning of May 11, all the members went to the scenic Tianmu Lake Landscape Park to explore the beautiful scenery, which enhanced the communication between them and promoted the harmony of the Natrium Energy.







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