Company Profile

 Natrium Energy is founded in May 2018 by Shanghai Electrochemical Energy Devices Research Center, Shanghai Zijian Chemical Technology Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Medicine Co.,Ltd.We focus on the innovation and engineering of sodium-ion battery technology and are committed to build up an innovative enterprise for sodium-ion battery systems with global influence.Adhering to themotto of "Sodium-Battery, Innovation,Green,Energy", and meeting market demand, we develop, manufacture and market  new generation of energy storage battery systems. We aim to provide green, environment-friendly and sustainable solutions for smart grid energy storage, electric vehicles, distributed energy storage and special- purpose chemical power supply. 


Core Business

Sodium-ion batteries

Application in low-speed electric vehicles, AGV, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, smart grid energy storage and energy storage systems for home, etc.

Energy storage system

Lithium-ion, sodium-ion batteries or composite systems are used in new energy vehicles, AGV, electric forklifts, elevator systems, energy storage forhome, electric tools, FM power stations and other fields

Battery materials

Layered ternary transition metal oxides, Prussian blue and other cathode materials; high-performance sodium-ion battery electrolytes;anode materials and other auxiliary materials for secondary batteries

Technical services

Technical consultation, promotion and services of power batteries, hydrogen energy and fuel cell



  AddressFloor 2, Building B, Science and Technology Innovation Park of Binhai, 398 Mahuan road, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Provence, China

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